Welcome to Charlie Mike

May 27, 2014

Welcome to Charlie Mike.

We’re fortunate at War on the Rocks to feature among our contributors an impressive array of current and former servicemembers from across the services and of all ranks.  And we are equally fortunate to count among our readers many more who have donned military uniforms.  Their perspectives on a range of issues affecting our military, its people, and our veterans are valuable.  Today we’re launching a blog to feature those perspectives.

Most of us who have served are familiar with the name we’ve chosen for this blog, Charlie Mike.  For those who aren’t, its meaning is simple: Continue Mission.  It is a term that is applied in many situations, places, and contexts, but it always connotes dedication and successfully completing the task at hand.  It is this wide application for which we’ve chosen it.

Charlie Mike will feature stories about the combat experience.  It will host information of importance to soldiers, military leaders, and veterans.  It will be a virtual meeting place for those who have a stake or an interest in any of a number of important topics.  And it will be a place for people to tell their stories.  Most importantly, it will provide an opportunity to engage.

TM Gibbons-Neff will serve as Charlie Mike’s editor.  TM is a former infantryman with the 1st Battalion 6th Marines.  He deployed twice to Afghanistan, and has written about his experiences extensively across a variety of media outlets, including here at War on the Rocks.

We already have a great line-up of pieces to publish, so check back often.  And we want you to get involved.  Read, discuss, and comment.  This is a public space and we invite an active and robust dialog.  And if you have a topic you’d like to write about, we’d love to hear from you at Charlie.Mike@warontherocks.com!


John Amble is the Managing Editor of War on the Rocks.  A former United States Army officer, he has been featured in print and broadcast media in the U.S. and Canada.  Follow him on Twitter @johnamble.


Photo credit: The U.S. Army