Official History Online: The U.S. Army in WWII

January 28, 2014

The U.S. Army Center for Military History has just published its entire official history of World War II (commonly known as the Green Books) on its website.  It includes a whopping 79 volumes organized under the following 12 headings:

  1. The War Department
  2. The Army Ground Forces
  3. The Army Service Forces
  4. The Western Hemisphere
  5. The War in the Pacific
  6. The Mediterranean Theater of Operations
  7. The European Theater of Operations
  8. The Middle East Theater
  9. The China-Burma-India Theater
  10. The Technical Services
  11. Special Studies
  12. Pictorial Record

Happy Reading!


Image: U.S. Army, Soldiers hugging the beach during air strafing and bombing attack on Paestum Beach . Five enemy air raids, each by a formation of eight fighter-bombers, were made against U. S. troops along the beach. Several smaller formations were sent against ships offshore.