War on the Rocks Thanks Veterans

November 11, 2013

When I decided to start War on the Rocks, I knew veterans would play a central role in the project.  Like many of our readers, I had grown tired of the proliferation of opinion pieces about war by people so unfamiliar with the subject.  I was sickened by policy decisions on matters of war and peace, death and life, made by people who had avoided the experience and serious study of war.

War on the Rocks is our response.  And from the beginning, military veterans have been indispensable to our efforts. I, therefore, take this opportunity to thank the many veterans who read our web magazine and to single out those veterans who share responsibility for its success as regular contributors and members of our editorial team:

  • John Amble, Managing Editor, U.S. Army veteran
  • J. Michael Barrett, Contributor, U.S. Navy veteran
  • Billy Birdzell, Contributor, U.S. Marine Corps veteran
  • John Collins, Contributing Editor, U.S. Army veteran
  • David A. Deptula, Contest Judge, U.S. Air Force veteran
  • Jason Fritz, Senior Editor, U.S. Army veteran
  • David C. Fuquea, Contributor, U.S. Marine Corps veteran
  • Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Columnist, U.S. Marine Corps veteran
  • Dave Goldich, Contributor, U.S. Marine Corps veteran
  • Dougie Graham, Contributor, British Army veteran
  • T.X. Hammes, Contributor, U.S. Marine Corps veteran
  • John Harvey, Contributing Editor, U.S. Navy veteran
  • Frank Hoffman, Contributing Editor, U.S. Marine Corps veteran
  • Karl Kadon, Contributor, U.S. Marine Corps veteran
  • John T. Kuehn, Contributor, U.S. Navy veteran
  • David S. Maxwell, Columnist, U.S. Army veteran
  • Bryan McGrath, Contributor, U.S. Navy veteran
  • Peter J. Munson, Columnist, U.S. Marine Corps veteran
  • John Nagl, Contest Judge, U.S. Army veteran
  • Mike Noonan, Contributor, U.S. Army veteran
  • Doug Ollivant, Contributor, U.S. Army veteran
  • Tom Quiggin, Contributor, Canadian Armed Forces veteran
  • W. Jonathan Rue, Contributor, U.S. Marine Corps veteran
  • Stanley R. Sloan, Contributor, U.S. Air Force veteran
  • James Stavridis, Contributor, U.S. Navy veteran
  • John Allen Williams, Contributing Editor (and my mentor in all things), U.S. Navy veteran

I also offer my thanks to those WOTR team members who are still serving:

  • David Kasten, Contributor, U.S. Army Reserve
  • Mike A. Jacobson, Contributor, U.S. Army Reserve
  • Elton Parker, III, Contributor, U.S. Navy

Thank you all for your service!

Ryan Evans is the assistant director of the Center for the National Interest and the editor-in-chief of War on the Rocks.